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Moral Conflict of the Day: Charity vs Art

Anti-crime NGO Shout, founded by Danny K and Kabelo, has gotten a bunch of talented South African musicians together and released a charity song, Shout, which is a cover of the classic Tears for Fears track. To download it, one must first donate R20 via SMS, all of which will go towards Shout’s campaign to kit out underfunded police stations, a noble cause if there ever was one.

The track is also available for streaming on their website, and, while the intentions behind it may be good, the problem is that the track itself is god-awful. Setting aside my natural skepticism about most charitable endeavors,  I’m genuinely conflicted as to whether good intentions can justify mediocre art. Continue reading ‘Moral Conflict of the Day: Charity vs Art’


Mario: The Ultimate Pop-culture Icon?

Maybe it’s just because I’m spending a lot of time on the Internet these days, or maybe it’s a generational thing, but there seems to be an awful lot of Mario around lately. My personal video game nadir may have been reached around 1995 , but that still gave me plenty of time to develop a strong appreciation for Mario, especially the brilliant Mario 3 (and, many years later, Mario 64 via emulator). Continue reading ‘Mario: The Ultimate Pop-culture Icon?’