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What’s on your Mindset?

Recently, I took a look at a mindset list published by an American university. It consists of a list of references that will help professors better understand the mindset of incoming students and includes some notable (and not so notable) observations. Continue reading ‘What’s on your Mindset?’


Google Back to Not Being Evil

Having spent some time in China, I have more than a passing interest in Google’s tussle with Chinese censorship, which culminated in Google shutting down their mainland search engine yesterday (Mon 22 Mar).  The New York Times is reporting that Google’s Chinese domain,, is currently redirecting to their Hong Kong site, which, like the rest of Hong Kong media, remains free from mainland censorship (for now). Google are planning on maintaining some of their background operations in China, but officially, is no more. Continue reading ‘Google Back to Not Being Evil’

Caps Off to MWeb

This is big news. In a recent post, I mentioned that I was living in a “bandwidth-disadvantaged” country. That seems like it may soon be changing, with MWeb’s annoucement today of several uncapped fixed-line ADSL packages targeted at home and business users (full disclosure: I work for a company that is part of the Naspers group. I have no direct dealings with MWeb). Continue reading ‘Caps Off to MWeb’