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Hate to Say “I told you so”…

…especially in this case. I’ll admit that, despite my earlier pronouncements, I felt a foolish stab of optimism on reading the weekend papers adamantly declaring that Julius Malema would face a disciplinary hearing.

But no, turns out I was right when I wrote that “the ANC probably won’t discipline Malema too harshly and, if they do, they certainly won’t be open and approachable regarding the process.” Continue reading ‘Hate to Say “I told you so”…’


Lost Causes

So the DA wants to establish an oversight committee on the Presidency. Regardless of the chances of this actually happening (and I’m pretty sure they’re non-existent), it feels slightly presumptuous, not unlike COPE’s attempt earlier this year to pass a vote of no confidence on President Zuma.  Continue reading ‘Lost Causes’

And Also

Stuff I should have added to yesterday’s list of things I’m looking forward to: Treme, a new show from the guys who made The Wire.

I’m not a huge jazz fan, but it shares enough of The Wire’s pedigree (and a few cast members) that I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Also, John Goodman is one of my favourite actors, mostly based on the work he’s done with the Coen brothers. Continue reading ‘And Also’

A Worthy Sacrifice?

Today’s post is devoted to a man who has made a great and selfless sacrifice for the people of South Africa. Yesterday, BBC journalist Jonah Fisher selflessly placed himself in the firing line of Julius Malema’s hateful rhetoric and was ejected from a press conference for his troubles. Continue reading ‘A Worthy Sacrifice?’

Bad News Roundup

Sorry if the following analysis sounds overly technical, but there seems to be a lot of bad stuff going on at the moment. I find it all pretty exhausting, so here’s a brief rundown:

Julius went to visit Zimbabwe and recieved a hero’s welcome. Because of course that would happen. Continue reading ‘Bad News Roundup’

Stuff I Should Be Writing About

There are a few things on my mind today that would make worthy topics for a blog post.

I could write about how horrible it must be to be a journalist since casting aspersions against the media seems to have replaced racism and conspiracy as a get-out-of-jail-free card played when powerful people find themselves in awkward positions, with a bonus paragraph about how magnanimous Irvin Khoza is being in acknowledging that the World Cup isn’t about him. Continue reading ‘Stuff I Should Be Writing About’

Public Aids Test for JZ?

File this one under “I’ll believe it when I see it”. The Times Online is reporting that JZ has agreed to undergo a public Aids test. Or, to be more exact, he’s agreed to “look at his diary” to see if he can find a time to undergo one. I’m betting he can’t. Continue reading ‘Public Aids Test for JZ?’