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Point of Order: Succession = Distraction

I, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, am getting pretty tired of hearing about Julius Malema in the news. Not because I don’t think he’s important, because, like it or not, he is, but because it detracts attention from far more pressing matters, such as the general failure (up to now) of the Zuma administration to deliver on many, if not all, of it’s pre-and-post-election promises.

Everytime I read about another Malema outburst and here talk that he will possibly, maybe, we’re-not-sure-but-someone-should-say-something be disciplined by the ruling party, I wonder if, in fact, they have a Frankenstein’s monster on their hands. They were more than happy to use him as a political suicide bomber during the elections, and the tactic proved ultimately successful, but since Zuma has come to power there have been precious few attempts by the ANC powerbrokers to reign him in, which lead me to conclude that either they’re perfectly content to have him continue to serve as a distraction to both the media or opponents, or that they’re afraid of him. Continue reading ‘Point of Order: Succession = Distraction’