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Silver Lining?

I haven’t been blogging much lately, mostly because I’ve been trying to avoid the negative slant that has been creeping into my last few posts. Yet, possibly because of the weather, I am still feeling kind of negative, which I’m also trying to avoid on this blog. Continue reading ‘Silver Lining?’


Inappropriately Serious Stuff

Typical. Just as we finally get uncapped Internet in South Africa, this happens. That may sound overly pessimistic, but the bills and provisions Doctrow mentions in his article are scary as hell, particularly the threat to enforce the bill in developing countries as a “condition of trade”. Continue reading ‘Inappropriately Serious Stuff’

On Comments

I wrote yesterday that playing flash games is more fun than complaining, but every now and then one feels the need to wallow in the keyboard poundings of the intellectually and rhetorically bankrupt, if only to reassure oneself of one’s general superiority. Fortunately, providing a platform for the intelctually and rhetorically bankrupt is one of the things that the Internet does particularly well, and News24 can usually be relied on to elevate this platform higher than most.  Continue reading ‘On Comments’

Stuff I Should Be Writing About

There are a few things on my mind today that would make worthy topics for a blog post.

I could write about how horrible it must be to be a journalist since casting aspersions against the media seems to have replaced racism and conspiracy as a get-out-of-jail-free card played when powerful people find themselves in awkward positions, with a bonus paragraph about how magnanimous Irvin Khoza is being in acknowledging that the World Cup isn’t about him. Continue reading ‘Stuff I Should Be Writing About’

What’s on your Mindset?

Recently, I took a look at a mindset list published by an American university. It consists of a list of references that will help professors better understand the mindset of incoming students and includes some notable (and not so notable) observations. Continue reading ‘What’s on your Mindset?’

Stuff that couldn’t exist without the Internet

After participating, yesterday, in a vitally important campaign to stand up to the forces of oppression in the name of free speech, the words “tough act to follow” spring to mind. After all, how does one follow the post that stands as a high point in one’s career as a desktop activist? With a post about web comics and television, naturally.

Specifically, a web comic called Garfield minus Garfield, which mines surprising pathos from images of Jon Arbuckle mostly standing around making melancholy comments to empty rooms. A brilliant piece of revisionism, it gives us a new prsim with which to view a comic many of us grew up with while forcing us to confront the brutal reality that people who talk to their pets are, in fact, just talking to themselves. Continue reading ‘Stuff that couldn’t exist without the Internet’