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Inappropriately Serious Stuff

Typical. Just as we finally get uncapped Internet in South Africa, this happens. That may sound overly pessimistic, but the bills and provisions Doctrow mentions in his article are scary as hell, particularly the threat to enforce the bill in developing countries as a “condition of trade”. Continue reading ‘Inappropriately Serious Stuff’


Lost Causes

So the DA wants to establish an oversight committee on the Presidency. Regardless of the chances of this actually happening (and I’m pretty sure they’re non-existent), it feels slightly presumptuous, not unlike COPE’s attempt earlier this year to pass a vote of no confidence on President Zuma.  Continue reading ‘Lost Causes’

Stuff I’m Looking Forward To

Winter is fast approaching and the change of seasons always makes it seem as if the year is moving a lot faster than it actually is. Along with the cold weather comes a certain amount of introspection, but rather than doing that I’ve decided to outrospect and compile a list of things that I’m looking forward to over the next few months: Continue reading ‘Stuff I’m Looking Forward To’

Heads Down

I started this blog mainly because I enjoy writing. So, because I find it depressing how easily South Africa, as a nation, reveals the worst of itself and because I’m fundamentally irresponsible,  I’m going to ignore the racial incitement taking place in the wake of ET’s murder and the possible resurgence of the AWB. Instead, I am going to write about something that I am enjoying immensely at the moment: namely the HBO series The Wire. Continue reading ‘Heads Down’

It’s Just not Scrabble

In news that marks a significant step towards the future predicted in the brilliant, hopefully not-too-prescient movie Idiocracy, Mattel has announced that Scrabble is to undergo a rule change that would allow the use of proper nouns. Continue reading ‘It’s Just not Scrabble’

Bad News Roundup

Sorry if the following analysis sounds overly technical, but there seems to be a lot of bad stuff going on at the moment. I find it all pretty exhausting, so here’s a brief rundown:

Julius went to visit Zimbabwe and recieved a hero’s welcome. Because of course that would happen. Continue reading ‘Bad News Roundup’

Long Weekend

To those who know me, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but I actually quite like Easter. I like Easter because it has integrity. Well, more integrity than other big religious holidays anyway. Continue reading ‘Long Weekend’