Hate to Say “I told you so”…

…especially in this case. I’ll admit that, despite my earlier pronouncements, I felt a foolish stab of optimism on reading the weekend papers adamantly declaring that Julius Malema would face a disciplinary hearing.

But no, turns out I was right when I wrote that “the ANC probably won’t discipline Malema too harshly and, if they do, they certainly won’t be open and approachable regarding the process.”

Sure enough, we get a press conference like this. Thanks to Phillip de Wet’s brilliant Twitter feed I was able to follow the events as they unfolded and they left me feeling thoroughly depressed about the whole situation. About the only positive one can take from this is that Julius himself has been silent for a while, although I’m sure that will change following his successful flexing of behind-the-scenes muscles.

Another great piece on The Daily Maverick (AKA South Africa’s most depressing news source) is a column by Ivo Vegter on Match’s accommodation shenanigans.  I don’t really have anything to add, other than to say I wish the issue was getting more coverage in mainstream media. Perhaps they’re waiting for the hangover to start before banging that drum.

So far, I can cross two items off my list of things I’m not looking forward to at all. Hopefully I can be right about the good stuff too.


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