Stuff I’m Looking Forward To

Winter is fast approaching and the change of seasons always makes it seem as if the year is moving a lot faster than it actually is. Along with the cold weather comes a certain amount of introspection, but rather than doing that I’ve decided to outrospect and compile a list of things that I’m looking forward to over the next few months:

  • The release of movies like Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Iron Man 2 and Predators. ‘Cause I’m geeky like that.
  • New music from Big Boi (if the singles are anything to go), Little Brother, Ryhmefest, MIA and possibly, if I’m deciding to just be flat-out optimistic, the DOOM Ghostface collaboration Swift and Changeable (and, if I’m being flat out naive, Madvillainy 2).
  • The 2010 Soccer World Cup.
  • Watching more of The Wire and finishing the final season of Lost.
  • Seeing whether the ANC actually takes action against Malema, other than just condemning him in the media. Also, seeing Malema’s reaction to his condemnation and any other disciplinary action he may face (Great analysis here).
  • Soup.

Now, in order to maintain my Fox-like commitment to being fair and balanced on this blog and also because I believe every silver lining has a cloud (and I never write in cliches), here are some things I am not looking forward to at all:

  • Having to brave Ster Kinekor’s terrible cinemas in order to see  all the movies I’m looking forward to.
  • The expected price increases during the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the hang-over that will follow the tournament when the media start asking questions about debts, empty stadiums, etc, etc.
  • The inevitable whining when the final season of Lost fails to feature a scene where a character faces the camera and answers all the viewer’s hanging questions simply and clearly.
  • Realising that that ANC probably won’t discipline Malema too harshly and, if they do, they certainly won’t be open and approachable regarding the process. Also, the fact that Malema will probably carry on regardless.

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