A Worthy Sacrifice?

Today’s post is devoted to a man who has made a great and selfless sacrifice for the people of South Africa. Yesterday, BBC journalist Jonah Fisher selflessly placed himself in the firing line of Julius Malema’s hateful rhetoric and was ejected from a press conference for his troubles.

Today, the ANC leadership have issued an unprecedented statement condemning Malema’s actions, saying that they “cannot be condoned” and were “not in keeping with the culture and traditions as well as conduct of a cadre and leader of the ANC.”

Now, it may not have been pleasant for Mr Fisher to have been treated as he was, but if that is what it took to get the ANC to finally reign in the ANCYL leader then it was worth it. Totally and utterly, although the cynic in me insists that the whole thing is a PR exercise driven by the fact that the journalist involved worked for an international news agency.

I wonder what the ANC’s response would have been had it been, say, a journo from the Mail & Guardian.


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