Long Weekend

To those who know me, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but I actually quite like Easter. I like Easter because it has integrity. Well, more integrity than other big religious holidays anyway.

Take Christmas, for example. Everyone pretends Christmas is about peace on earth and love and all that nonsense, when it is really about stimulating the economy by spending your 13th cheque on over-price luxury goods. When it comes to Easter however, most people have no pretense that it’s about anything other than stuffing yourself with as many cute-looking chocolates as possible. Well, aside from those folks who go trekking off to Moria looking for Mithril or whatever it is they do up there.

So, to prepare for the long weekend, which is to be dedicated to guilt-free indulgence in all things chocolate, head over to Epicute, who are sure to have some cool Easter-themed goodies for you.


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