Stuff I Should Be Writing About

There are a few things on my mind today that would make worthy topics for a blog post.

I could write about how horrible it must be to be a journalist since casting aspersions against the media seems to have replaced racism and conspiracy as a get-out-of-jail-free card played when powerful people find themselves in awkward positions, with a bonus paragraph about how magnanimous Irvin Khoza is being in acknowledging that the World Cup isn’t about him.

I could write about headlines that make you do a double take to make sure you haven’t stumbled onto a story on a satire site like Hayibo, such as Julius’s planned learning expedition to Zimbabwe.

I could speculate on what implications (if any) McDonald’s decision not to sell food in soccer stadia will have on the food vendors who are being barred from working during the World Cup, or enthuse about one of the cooler side effects of the tournament: the chance of a Super rugby final being played in Soweto.

I could even, were I feeling particularly self-indulgent, lament my inability to advance beyond third place on the log of my fantasy rugby league. I’m not going to though, I’m just going to link to this, because it’s awesome, I’m exhausted and playing flash games is a lot more fun than complaining.


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