Public Aids Test for JZ?

File this one under “I’ll believe it when I see it”. The Times Online is reporting that JZ has agreed to undergo a public Aids test. Or, to be more exact, he’s agreed to “look at his diary” to see if he can find a time to undergo one. I’m betting he can’t.

And who can blame him, really? Surely the spin-doctors in the ANC realise that they’re setting themselves up for a PR disaster with the worst-case scenario being that they’ll end up faced with the choice of admitting to the country that the president is HIV-positive or not releasing the results, in which case everyone will assume he is anyway.

Best case scenario is that he’s negative, although a queasy coda to a negative test would be the implicit message that he engages in safe sexual practices, which he quite clearly does not. Either way, the focus will remain firmly on JZ’s sex-life, which is something the ANC should want to avoid at all costs and which ultimately benefits no-one at all.

Better to just announce he’s going to take the test, let the good PR role in and hope Julius has another outburst before people star asking questions as to why it hasn’t happened yet.


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