Stuff I Like: Flash Games and Graphs

I’m not going to start this blog off with a manifesto, because a) I invariably fail to live up to whatever lofty ideals I hold when I start projects like this and b) the title of this blog is pretty self-explanatory.

What I wanted to do was share a couple of cool links I found around the web today, the first being on the Adult Swim site, a wicked little flash game called Cream Wolf. It’s got a great retro look that softens the queasy fact that it’s essentially about getting children to trust you then luring them to their death. Check it out over at Adult Swim’s site.

Secondly, /Film has a great collection of famous movie quotes expressed as Venn diagrams. I’m gonna be posting a lot of stuff from /Film because I think they’re awesome.

I know I said I wasn’t going to deliver a manifesto, but I do feel I should explain that this blog is not only going to be about me linking to stuff I like. I do have stuff to say, but the ability to express myself in an captivating and succinct manner is like a superpower that I haven’t learnt to control yet.  It happens when it happens, but when it happens it will happen here.


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